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Quebec-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Medicago to Shut Down

North America
Owner Mitsubishi Chemical Group blames decision on 'significant changes' to vaccine market

Goodbye, PMI. Philip Morris Removed from Canadian COVID-19 Vaccine Collaboration

It’s Time to Enact the Tobacco Control Bill

Minister: Govt will Play Leading Role in Speedy Passage of Tobacco Control Act

BAT Bangladesh Chairman Gets Lifetime Service Award

Farmers to Receive Vegetable Seedlings

Tobacco Growers Turning To Potato Cultivation In Swabi

Debate Heats Up Over Novel Tobacco and Nicotine Products’ Harmfulness

Campaigners Demand Quick Amendment to Tobacco Control Law

PR Firm Accused of Greenwashing Big Oil is Helping Organise COP27

Companies’ Interference is the Main Obstacle to Tobacco Control

State Pension Fund Invests in Liquor, Tobacco and Gambling ‘Sin Stocks’

From E-cigarettes to Hookah Pipes, South Africa Aims to Tighten Tobacco Laws

New Tobacco Bill an Important Step for SA, Says Health Minister Joe Phaahla

Local NGO Director Renews Calls to Increase Tobacco Taxes in Kingdom

Big Tobacco is Killing the Planet with Plastics

Tobacco Lobby Cynically Undermines Middle East Health Policy

Swiss Voters Approve Near-total Ban on Tobacco Advertising

Swiss Eye Tobacco Advertising Clampdown

Policy Changes Needed For Tobacco Control

Ukraine Has Toughened Anti Tobacco Legislation
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