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South Korea

Global Tobacco Index Score
Indicator 1 (I1): The industry's participation in policy development
Indicator 2 (I2): Tobacco industry-related corporate social responsibility activities
Indicator 3 (I3): Benefits given to the tobacco industry
Indicator 4 (I4): Unnecessary interaction between government and industry
Indicator 5 (I5): Measures for transparency
Indicator 6 (I6). Preventing conflicts of interest
Indicator 7 (I7). Measures that prevent industry influence

South Korea has been a Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) since August 14, 2005. The government does not accept, support nor endorse policies or legislation drafted by or in collaboration with the tobacco industry, nor include any representatives from the tobacco industry to be in the delegation to the COP and any other WHO FCTC related meetings. South Korea has a Code of Conduct for Public Officials (Presidential Decree) which already

prohibits officers from receiving any contributions from any individual or organization that will receive advantages or disadvantages as a direct result of decision or implementation of government policies or public projects. However, tobacco industry corporate social responsibilities are not banned, and are an avenue for tobacco companies to engage with the government.