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Global Tobacco Index Score
Indicator 1 (I1): The industry's participation in policy development
Indicator 2 (I2): Tobacco industry-related corporate social responsibility activities
Indicator 3 (I3): Benefits given to the tobacco industry
Indicator 4 (I4): Unnecessary interaction between government and industry
Indicator 5 (I5): Measures for transparency
Indicator 6 (I6). Preventing conflicts of interest
Indicator 7 (I7). Measures that prevent industry influence

Thailand has been a Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) since February 27, 2005. Though the Thai government has a state-owned enterprise, the Thai Tobacco Monopoly, it has made great progress not only in tobacco control but also in safeguarding public health policies from tobacco industry interference. Through the recent Tobacco Products Control Act 2017, all tobacco industry-related corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities is now banned and manufacturer or importer of tobacco products are required to report the internal information to support government regulation of tobacco products. On the other hand, areas that need to be strengthened include enforcing the ban on tobacco industry CSR, preventing appointment of retired senior government officials to the tobacco industry, and drawing up the implementing rules and regulations of the new Tobacco Products Control Act 2017.